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CM Spotlight: 'Sunshine and Rain'

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Culture Machine Spotlight is our way of bringing attention to up and coming creatives by highlighting a single piece of their work.

For our first CM Spotlight, we looked inside our own Culture Machine family to writer/director Vishnu Vallabhaneni's short film Sunshine and Rain.

Watch Sunshine and Rain:

In the film, Kayla has saved up money to go back to college after taking care of her younger brother for a year. All her preparations might be for nothing however when her mother comes home after leaving a substance abuse clinic, and brings home a shady friend. Kayla's matriarchy is questioned as she's forced to make a choice between her family or her future.

The film has received numerous accolades including 2016 New Orleans Film Festival Premiere, 2017 Dallas Int'l Film Festival Texas Premiere, Sundance Ignite Fellowship Finalist, 2018 Short to Feature Lab Fellowship, and Indiewire's Project of the Week.


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