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It's Juneneeth So Obvi We're Gonna Debate Salt vs Sugar Grits

It's a debate that has plagued black Americans since the dawn of (emancipated) time...

The great Savory vs Sweet debate has lead to some spicy Twitter threads, hilarious memes, layered analysis on the residual effects of the African Diaspora, and, of course, BuzzFeed videos.

In fulfilling his black civic duties, Justin took on the topic in the opening scene of Dear White People, Season 2.

Well, in the great American tradition of doubling down, we are back at again with the Salt vs Sugar Great Grit Taste Off. And, to accent the black ass point, we're doing so in recognition of Juneneeth.

We got our beloved cast of Dear White People together to add fuel to this raging cultural culinary fire. Oh, also, there’s a lil special message for y’all at the end ;)


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