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Justin Simien on Tackling White Supremacy in his Netflix Series and Hulu Film

Justin spoke with Stacy Lambe‍ of Entertainment Tonight about creating in the age of COVID and a worldwide reckoning over racism and white supremacy.

“What happened to George Floyd is not a new phenomenon in this country," said Simien. "Racism didn't start in June. But it’s also nice to know that in a time like this, where things are so chaotic... it feels nice to know that I made something for this moment that can speak to this moment.”

Dear White People, which is entering its fourth and final season, will continue to engage in conversations around race and meet the current moment much of the world finds itself in head-on.

You’re going to see us really delving into, of course, more issues of systemic racism. But also how possible is it really to lead a civil rights movement in such a capitalist place? We’re going to get into some of those questions.”

Justin also said his film Bad Hair, which will debut on Hulu this fall, is on its surface a popcorn movie but will be playing in a similar wheelhouse as his previous work.

“ the end of the day, what is the movie critiquing? It’s critiquing systems of white supremacy. I sort of can’t help that as an artist. Like, that is to me one of the most urgent issues facing us. So, it’s a fun movie. But like Dear White People, which is also very serious and it’s about something that I think is actually horrifying in American society to this day.”

Head over to Entertainment Tonight read this interview in its entirety.


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