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Dear White People Is The Best Live Action Show On Netflix

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

In its ranked list of the best Netflix original series to watch right now, Slant Magazine has secured Dear White People in the number two spot.

In the words of the Slant staff:

"The knowingly didactic title of Dear White People is a little misleading. While the show does occasionally address its incisive racial critiques directly to the viewer, the intoxicating quality of Justin Simien’s series comes from a sense of overarching relatability."

"Rapid-fire humor and energetic direction draw us close to the characters, who begin the series raging against oppression in distinctly academic, hypothetical fashion."

"Dear White People shows us passionate individuals crafting their own identities, without ever letting us forget that to do so they are wresting that power from the people who’ve historically done it for them."

To read more, check the full story here from Slate Magazine.


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