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The DWP Film Competition Is Your Big Break and You Can Apply RN

Updated: May 10, 2019

Justin, Netflix, Lionsgate + the dozens of people that make Dear White People what it is are putting the finishing touches on Volume III.

We know, we know. We're ready, too.

But, while that melanated magic marinates, we want to keep the Winchester spirit alive. CUT TO: the Dear White People Film Competition.

This film contest is open to any students currently attending college or university. The films submitted should be no longer than six minutes in length + should address the topic of "Dear ______," – whatever it is you want to give voice to, except for hate speech or vitriol.

The winning filmmaker will have their short screened at the official Dear White People Season 3 premiere in Los Angeles, CA + will have a one on one consultation with Justin to discuss their future in film and television.

In addition, Franklin Leonard and The Black List have kindly stepped forward to offer three free months of hosting on their site as well as two free evaluations for a feature or pilot script.

The contest ends June 10th, so make sure you turn in your work on time! Submit your film to So, who's going to apply?


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